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NPR - Rock's Princess Finds Her Voice

npr logo1Lisa Marie Presley is a curiosity. Famous from birth, she is rock's only real princess. Her face is a stunning combination of her parents' best features. Her marriages have been, well, unusual. Who could forget her awkward television kiss with then-husband Michael Jackson? Or the few months of wedded bliss to actor and Elvis fanatic Nicolas Cage? She has led a colorful life — one that overshadowed her music career when she started making records in 2003. But on her new album, Storm & Grace, she has found her voice.

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USA Today - On the road...

usatoday 2By Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY
Setting the promotional stage, Lisa Marie Presley rehearses with her band in Hollywood.
Lisa Marie Presley on the road in the USA

BURBANK, Calif. – With the debut of her first album in seven years, Lisa Marie Presley is leaving the comforting cocoon of life in rural England and diving headlong into America's pop-culture fray.

Those wanting to see the rock scion live can catch her signing copies of Storm & Grace Monday night at Memphis' Sun Studio, where her father's career was launched. On Thursday, she'll perform cuts from the album at the Grammy Museum's Clive Davis Theater in Los Angeles.

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USA Today

usatodayBy Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY Long journey: Lisa Marie Presley's album 'Storm & Grace' gets back to her musical roots. Of her famous father, she says, "I'm guessing he'd be proud."Lisa Marie Presley breaks free with 'Storm & Grace'

BURBANK, Calif. – Lisa Marie Presley cocks her head to the right, closes her eyes and whispers the last lines of a lullaby called Soften the Blows.

The sound of one person clapping shatters the silence in the rehearsal space.

"Thank you," says Presley, her looks so reminiscent of her father's that if she added "very much," you'd swear the ghost of Elvis had entered the building. "No one's heard this music live yet, other than a couple of 3-year-olds."

Actually, the argument could be made that no one has truly heard the King of Rock 'n' Roll's daughter before. Until now.

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SFGate - Q&A with Lisa

sfgate lisa marie presley gracelandLisa Marie Presley's early attempts at breaking into the family business were overshadowed by the family legacy - she is, after all, the only child of Elvis, ex-wife of both Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, and survivor of a chemically enhanced childhood. But after taking some seven years out of the limelight to find her footing, Presley returns this week with the excellent T Bone Burnett-produced album "Storm and Grace," a vintage-sounding set of songs that gives her rich, bluesy voice the showcase it deserves. The first single, "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," is out now. She talked to us at a playground near her home in Los Angeles.

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LMP at peace with her music legacy

commercial appealElvis' child comes home to debut her new album

LOS ANGELES -- Sinking her petite frame into a large, white, leather couch, Lisa Marie Presley peers out through familiar eyes, the sleepy half-slits of her famous father, and ponders the weight of her name.

"You know, there's no manual, no book written on how to deal with all this," says the only child of Elvis Presley.

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